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Diabetic Retinopathy

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Eyecare News

Stop eye drop wastage! If you have a hard time putting drops in your eyes,...

Don't let those eye drops run down your face! Learn the best way to apply them.

Which is better for eye health: flaxseed oil or fish oil? Learn the pros and...

Flaxseed oil and fish oil may help improve dry eyes. But which is better?

A substance found in kale, spinach and other leafy greens may protect you from glaucoma....

One and a half cups of leafy greens per day seems to lower glaucoma risk.

Ditch the itch! Don't rub those itchy eyes - that can make them worse. Instead,...

Your eye care practitioner can find the cause of your itchy eyes and prescribe the best treatment.

Learn what snow blindness is and how to avoid this painful, scary eye condition.

Protecting your eyes from sunlight is important even in winter! Here's why you don't want to be snowblind.

Certain yoga poses can increase eye pressure, says a new study. Can you guess which...

Glaucoma News: If you have glaucoma, you may want to revise your yoga routine.

Can you guess how many hours a day people are using digital devices? This new...

The Vision Council released a surprising new report on digital eye strain.

On-the-sidelines eye-tracking test may detect concussion faster than ever. (Watch the video for details.)

Athletes in rough sports are at risk for concussion. Eye-tracking can determine quickly if they need to leave the game.

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