Diabetic Retinopathy

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Wow! This medieval eye infection remedy containing onion and garlic has been found to be...

Researchers test an odd remedy on MRSA and find it to be 90 percent effective.

"Can I have LASIK eye surgery if I'm pregnant?" Learn the answer to this and...

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make LASIK outcomes less predictable.

May is Healthy Vision Month! Check out this infographic from the National Eye Institute for...

Learn how to make your vision last a lifetime with these tips and interesting facts from the NEI.

Sunrise? Or sunset? The color of the light may help you decide.

Our body clocks are tuned into how the color of light changes throughout the day, says new study.

No wonder your eyes are dry: springtime allergen spikes are now linked to dry eyes.

Allergy prevention such as air filters could help your dry eyes feel better!

Are you making enough eye contact with your kids?

Eye contact and other direct engagement with your children is so important for their development.

Could a 3D printer make a human eye?

It may sound crazy, but at least one company is working on the idea of 3D-printing eyes from living tissue.

What do your eyes tell you? Is Kitty going up the stairs? Or down?

A real-life optical illusion has started another online debate.