Diabetic Retinopathy

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Cataract-dissolving eye drops are being studied as future alternative to surgery, especially for animals.

University of California San Diego scientists developed drops that reduced lens cloudiness in animal studies.

Not sleeping well? Cataracts affect sleep and cognitive function, says study.

In the study, people who had cataract surgery tended to sleep better and think better.

Video of amazing stunt by Tom Cruise for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Scleral contact lenses...

Large-diameter scleral lenses can serve many purposes, including in the movies!

Interesting study found that lighter-eyed people could be at a higher risk for alcoholism, perhaps...

University of Vermont researchers may have linked certain eye colors to alcohol dependency.

This new e-book can make a child's first eye exam more fun and less scary!...

Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam is a free children's e-book for tablets and computers.

Pupil dilation when viewing certain faces may predict depression risk in kids. [Video]

Can pupillometry help prepare parents for depressive symptoms in their children?

Scuba mask recalled due to lenses that can shatter. Get details on obtaining a replacement...

Do you have the Omersub Zero Cube scuba diving mask? Stop using it and contact the company for replacement.

Vitamin-packed salad recipe great for eyes!

Quick and easy to prepare, this salad has lots of eye-healthy nutrients. Get the recipe...

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission wants you to know what fireworks do to eyes...

Why bottle rockets, firecrackers and even sparklers are very dangerous to eyes.